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Consumption Agency

The Consumption Agency is a speculative design project by Frederick van Amstel and Rodrigo Gonzatto. It a mixture of an advertising agency and a credit card company. At the time the project was created (2010), there was a gap between these two companies, for the advertising agency did not use credit card data for tailoring offerings. The proposal was to join them together and create a company that cultivates desires and provides the means to fulfill them in a single business operation.

The agency may offer expensive products such as sports cars, mobile phones, and branded clothes all as rental services, however, the consumer has to choose wisely what to use with what, since he is rated by other affiliated members.

If the consumption combination does not fit the social situation, the consumer can get negative ratings and lose consumption opportunities. The agency effectively transforms style within economic indicators.

The project’s website included wikis for the business plan and the ‘Peopleing Manifest’, a document that stated the company’s vision to work with people and not with markets. The business plan describes how the company aimed to invert the flow of goods—starting from consumption instead of production—by transforming products into services and services into products. The Consumption Agency is, in fact, a consumption club, an extrapolated version of the group buying websites that proliferate in Brazil at the time the project went public.

The project is included in an academic paper as an example of an alternative ideology of design fiction.

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