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Commoning design and designing commons

Abstract: This workshop explores the relevance of the notion of commons as an objective, and commoning as a way of doing and being for design. We invite the PD community to reflect on ways in which these concepts help us critically protect and support sustainable futures for communities of humans and non-humans. How can participatory design remain open to multiple ways of sharing and different worldviews? What would it mean for the participatory design community in terms of challenging established notions such as participation, facilitation, empowerment, to name but a few? How can participatory design contribute further to theoretical elaboration and activist practices?

Workshop proposal accepted by the 16th Participatory Design Conference, 2020, Manizales, Colombia. Workshop website. Organizers: Andrea Botero,  Sanna Marttila,  Giacomo Poderi,  Joanna Saad-Sulonen,  Anna Seravalli,  Maurizio Teli,  Frederick M.C van Amstel.

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