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pattern-based design

  1. Commoning design and designing commons

    Commoning design and designing commons

    Abstract: This workshop explores the relevance of the notion of commons as an objective, and commoning as a way of doing and being for design. We invite the PD community to reflect on ways in which these concepts help us critically protect and support sustainable futures for communities of humans and non-humans. How can participatory […] - Jun 24, 2020
  2. Copel+ Platform

    Copel+ Platform

    Copel+ is an open innovation platform designed for an utility company in Brazil as part of a research project that focused on organizational learning. The platform was an experiment for a new way of working with potential business partners, such as startups. To maximize the absorption of startup innovation, the platform was designed with the […] - Mar 24, 2020
  3. Pattern-based codesign

    Pattern-based codesign

    Card decks systematize patterns of common problems and solutions in a certain design space. These decks are useful for novice codesigners who don’t know what is possible in that space. Card decks can be combined to support interdisciplinary design. With a deck on business models, another on graphic user interface, and a third on human […] - Nov 22, 2018