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  1. Dialoga app and Social Participation Living Lab

    Dialoga app and Social Participation Living Lab

    Brazil former president Dilma Rousseff wanted to improve the participation of society in the decisions of the federal government and ordered the creation of a Social Participation Secretary at the beginning of 2015. By that time I just returned to Brazil after my four years as a PhD student in the Netherlands. Ms. Rousseff officers asked my help […] - Aug 13, 2015
  2. Why measuring design aesthetics?

    Why measuring design aesthetics?

    The aestheticization of politics pioneered by fascist and populist governments is not working so effective as it was in the past. People don’t trust politicians neither the media anymore because, among other factors, they could not keep up with the diversification of identity wishes from the population. Companies, at the other hand, have been very […] - Dec 15, 2011