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  1. Video-based interaction analysis

    Video-based interaction analysis

    Interaction analysis is a common method used in workplace ethnography. The everyday work interactions are recorded in audio or video to stand as material for discussion, analysis, and construction of evidence. Video offers the advantage of comparing verbal language with body language and, sometimes, including artifact use in data recordings. Interaction analysis cannot focus solely […] - Jan 27, 2021
  2. Improvised Videos

    Improvised Videos

    Improvised Videos are short films recorded with smartphones to support a codesign process. They represent everyday scenarios where the design object plays a protagonist role. The interaction with the design object is depicted through variegated film and theater techniques such as enactment, role playing, props, puppets, cuts, and transitions. The main advantage of using video […] - Nov 1, 2018
  3. Improvised Video as a Medium for Learning and Designing Interactions

    Improvised Video as a Medium for Learning and Designing Interactions

    Abstract: The video format has a long history in Human Computer Interaction research, in particular, in documenting interactions in usability tests and ethnographic studies. This format is also employed, to a lesser extent, to improvise new interactions, such as in video prototyping, collaborative videoing and design fictions. This makes video interesting for studio-based education in […] - Oct 31, 2018
  4. Deixe_me


    Deixe_me is an interactive short movie produced by Erick Gustavo e Marta Heupa to address the contradiction between the need for self-presentation and the risk of cyberbullying in social media. Students began by investigating overexposure in social media. They were invited to discuss the topic with high school students. They learned that overexposure created many […] - Mar 31, 2016
  5. Bharatanatyam with projection mapping

    Bharatanatyam with projection mapping

    Projection mapping that creates a virtual trace of the dancer, with colors and tones changing according to the music. The show led by Caminho Vaikuntha band aimed to present a fusion of hindustani music and western rock. The projection mapping represented the encounter of the two worlds in the body of the dancer. The projection […] - Aug 24, 2010