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Interaction Design

Regular course – 80 hs – Digital Design Bachelor – Catholic University of Paraná

This course develops student’s creative and critical skills related to technology and society. Since the Digital Design Bachelor has already separate courses on Usability, Information Architecture, Ergonomics and Interface Design, the Interaction Design course focuses on what is particular from this discipline: designing interactions between people.

Collaborative drawing through metadesign rules

Designing and testing drawing rules for emergent performances.

The interaction design course was supposed to be a regular course, but we tried to develop it as a critical appropriation of the design studio. We wanted to let students interact with materials, situations, and cultures other than what the bachelor and initial professional experiences may have offered them. However, this should be done without imposition, transmission, or any authoritarian means.

Video is the main format used in this course. Students learn how to cocreate a plot, props and scenarios. They deliver at the end of the course a design fiction short movie.

Collaborative prototyping bus transport services.

Collaborative prototyping bus transport services.


Experimenting with prop’s affordances


Moodboard to investigate the city’s history

A group of students redesigned the history of Brazilian sports scene, as if Brazil was a major power in the classic videogame Pong. This was an analogy made to comment on the relationship between sports, national identity and politics.

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