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Prospective Design graduate program

Prospective Design is a new Master program of UTFPR, currently under evaluation by the national higher-education agency of Brazil. I helped to develop its curriculum and research structure. The program is focused on designing transition technologies for sociotechnical systems that urgently need to prioritize relational qualities, such as sustainability, resilience, equality, solidarity, or conviviality.

Prospective Design is inspired by Transition Design, yet strives for decolonizing this approach for the reality of the Global South.

Basic curriculum

  • Design, Technology, and Transition (04 credits)
  • Research Through Design Methodologies (02 credits)
  • Prospective Design of Infrastructures and Scenarios (04 credits)
  • Seminars (02 credits)


  • Urban rehabilitation (04 credits)
  • Wicked problems and contradictions (04 credits)
  • Scenario representation methods (04 credits)
  • Participatory design (04 credits)
  • Biomaterials (04 credits)
  • Design for territory (04 credits)

Research context

The field of Prospective Design, by Fernanda Botter (2019)

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