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social networks

  1. Analog Social Networking Game

    Analog Social Networking Game

    The functioning of Facebook is a mystery to most of its users, but an actual divider of social groups. Facebook gives the impression that if a user posts a status update, all of her friends receive it in the timeline, but that is not always true. The Edgerank algorithm decides what is shown at the timeline based on three variables: Affinity: […] - Jul 31, 2015
  2. The next step for social networks: Cycles

    The next step for social networks: Cycles

    Social networking websites offer value by mapping social relationships. As with any map, relationships are represented in a simplified way, a kind of metaphor. First was the connection, now we have the circle, and what I believe to be the next step is the cycle. These relationships are evolving as long as technology companies figure […] - Aug 4, 2011