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Design methods

  1. Storyblocks


    Storyblocks is the tridimensional equivalent of the storyboard: it represents the basic elements of a scene sequence in a film or animation movie through building blocks. After building the scene and materializing its components, the framing and camera movements can be experimented with using still photos or improvised videos. It is a fast low-fidelity technique […] - Mar 26, 2022
  2. Pluriversal Design Methods and Critical Ontological Design

    Pluriversal Design Methods and Critical Ontological Design

    Pluriversality might help recognizing ways of designing and knowing that have been ignored by universal methods of design, such as vernacular and indigenous techniques. Looking at design methods through an ethical perspective, scrutinizing their intentions, and choosing alternatives beyond the universal may be called Critical Ontological Design. This philosophical idea can be summarized as such: […] - May 6, 2021