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Crisis Deck (2022-2023)
Decolonizing Service Design Ethics and Aesthetics
Why I became a transdisciplinary design researcher
Learning design as a human right: the beginnings of a design lab founded on critical pedagogy
When Is the Pluriverse?
Decolonizing Design Futures
Conscious design for a women shelter (2023)
The Materials of Service Design: Human bodies
Taking a side: critical formation and outreaching practice in Laboratory of Design against Oppression (LADO)
Prospecting relational qualities in Design Education through quilt therapy
Prospecting anti-colonial qualities in Design Education
Dancing Algorhythms in the Theater of the Techno-Oppressed
Wicked rituals of contemporary design thinking
Designing between the possible and the impossible
The Struggle for Human Rights in Design
Cascading oppression in design
Remote Image Theater
Pluriversal Futures for Design Education
Service design as a practice of freedom in collaborative cultural producers
Decolonizing design research
El hacer como quehacer: notas para un diseño libre
Why Do We Need to Learn about Citational Practices? Recognizing Knowledge Production from the Global Souths and Beyond
Making work visible in the theater of service design
Design, Oppression, and Liberation 2
ProTesters: a board game for teaching the testing process
Matters of Care in forming feminist design coalitions
Assembling collective bodies to take care of the commons
Iguaçú III community center (2022)
UTFPR Curitiba master plan (2022)
Can designers change systemic oppression?
Service integration for suicide prevention (2022)
The coloniality of making and its resistance in Brazil
Humanity is not a (shopping) center you can design for
Diseño y la colonialidad del hacer
Ethics and aesthetics of the experience designed for the Other
Breaking with oppressive citation patterns
Systemic oppression and systemic design
Visionary photomontage
Speculative design mockumentary
Design, Oppression, and Liberation
Assets and community engagement: a roundtable with HCI researchers and designers
Prospective Design: a research agenda for design interventions in sociotechnical systems
Relationality, commoning, and designing
Laboratory of Design against Oppression (LADO)
SURU’BA (2022)
Weaving design as a practice of freedom: Critical pedagogy in an insurgent network
Coming to terms with design wickedness: Reflections from a forum theatre on design thinking
Diseño Ontológico Crítico y la Contradicción de la Opresión
Remote Forum Theater
Decolonizing Design Research towards the Pluriverse
Design pedagogy, the body, and solidarity in designing commons
Oppression reaction diagram
User oppression in human-computer interaction: a dialectical-existential perspective
Historical ecosystem map
Object ecology map
Anachronistic photo
Differentialist graphs
Speculative rhythmanalysis
Materiality in Codesign: interaction analysis of a design experiment with building blocks
Shared Management Handbook (2021)
Céu Brasileiro Memorial Bot (2021)
The role of games in developing transformative agency
Designing For / Designing Against
Wicked Problems, Wicked Designs (2021)
Design as a Practice of Freedom in Self-Managed Organizations
Existential time and historicity in interaction design
CFP Design, Oppression, and Liberation
Designing relations in Prospective Design
Design and Theater of the Oppressed
Technology-Mediated Oppression
Designing against oppression
Investigar-crear para la liberación
Whither Designs of the Oppressed?
Against Userism
Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education (2021)
Relational design and the contradiction of oppression
Publication Design
Designs of the Oppressed
Conservatism in Digital Trends: Findings from a differentialist analysis of influence graphs
Insurgent design coalitions: the history of the Design & Oppression network
Redesigning money as a tool for self-management in cultural production
Radical Alterity in Experience Design
Monster aesthetics as an expression of decolonizing the design body
Domesticated futures and monster aesthetics
Feral Creative Practices
Pluriversal Design Methods and Critical Ontological Design
Designing for Liberation in Solidarity Economy Circuits
Designing for Liberation
Prospecting a systemic design space for pandemic responses
The digital smoke: Infrastructural inversion of COVID-19 from the Yanomami perspective
The Invasion of the Gringo Design Thinker (2021)
Video-based interaction analysis
Visual oxymoron
Visual dialogue
Existentialist supervisory practice
Metaphorical germ cell model
Formative Intervention
Decolonizing whatever-centered design
Controversial design space mapping
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