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collective creativity

  1. Relationality, commoning, and designing

    Relationality, commoning, and designing

    Poderi, G., Marttila, S. M., Saad-Sulonen, J., Van Amstel, F. M., Teli, M., Tonolli, L., D’Andrea, V. & Botero, A. (2022, August). Relationality, commoning, and designing. In Proceedings of the Participatory Design Conference 2022-Volume 2 (pp. 255-258). - Aug 24, 2022
  2. Problem Solution Problem (PSP)

    Problem Solution Problem (PSP)

    PSP is a simple game that quickly explores the design space for a particular project. It starts by asking for problem statements written on Post-its. Then, problems are exchanged and the competing teams need to solve the problems. The solutions go back to the first team, who needs to find problems for these solutions. The […] - Nov 1, 2018