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  1. Decolonizing design research

    Decolonizing design research

    Van Amstel, F. M. C. (2023). Decolonizing design research. In: Rodgers, Paul A. and Yee, Joyce (Eds). The Routledge Companion to Design Research (pp. 64-74). Routledge. - Jun 25, 2023
  2. Designing for Liberation in Solidarity Economy Circuits

    Designing for Liberation in Solidarity Economy Circuits

    Solidarity economy is an approach for developing fair community exchanges and human development within capitalist societies, working as a semi-detached alternative economic circuit based on the principles of self-management. This talk summarizes the experience of the speaker in designing a self-management platform for solidarity economy circuits in Brazil, guided by the Latin-American ideal of liberation […] - Apr 15, 2021
  3. Decolonizing whatever-centered design

    Decolonizing whatever-centered design

    Centralization is a spatial practice used by human collectives for thousands of years. It started in the archaic definition of village leaders and evolved to world empires, including their corollary transnational companies. Centralization promises to better organize society through the gathering of resources and information generated in a vast territory in a small space: the […] - Jan 19, 2021