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  1. Relationality, commoning, and designing

    Relationality, commoning, and designing

    Poderi, G., Marttila, S. M., Saad-Sulonen, J., Van Amstel, F. M., Teli, M., Tonolli, L., D’Andrea, V. & Botero, A. (2022, August). Relationality, commoning, and designing. In Proceedings of the Participatory Design Conference 2022-Volume 2 (pp. 255-258). - Aug 24, 2022
  2. Design pedagogy, the body, and solidarity in designing commons

    Design pedagogy, the body, and solidarity in designing commons

    Podcast interview for the Commoning Design & Designing Commons show, an initiative from the Interest Group Commons and Commoning of the IT University of Copenhagen. Listen to the podcast on Anchor. Transcript Speaker Key – GP Giacomo Poderi; FA Frederick van Amstel; SM Sanna-Maria Marttila; JS Joanna Saad-Sulonen Speaker Text GP Okay, welcome to this first […] - Apr 12, 2022
  3. Commoning Design: a Pluriversal Slide-Deck

    Commoning Design: a Pluriversal Slide-Deck

    The Commoning Design pluriversal slide-deck is the outcome of a collaborative effort which involved people with different interests, skills, and backgrounds united by their shared curiosity around the relationship between commoning and design. Such effort took place in the context of the Participatory Design Conference 2020 and organized around the workshop “Commoning Design and Designing Commons”. This deck […] - Dec 8, 2020
  4. Commoning design and designing commons

    Commoning design and designing commons

    Botero, A., Marttila, S., Poderi, G., Saad-Sulonen, J., Seravalli, A., Teli, M., & van Amstel, F.M.C. (2020, June). Commoning Design and Designing Commons. In Proceedings of the 16th Participatory Design Conference 2020-Participation (s) Otherwise-Volume 2 (pp. 178-180). DOI: - Jun 24, 2020
  5. Co-designing and commoning

    Co-designing and commoning

    Botero, A., Martilla, S., Van Amstel, F. M. C., Seravalli, A.,and Saad-Sulonen, J.(2015) Co-designing and commoning, in Tham, M., Edeholt, H., Ávila, M. (eds.), Nordes 2015: Design ecologies, 7 – 10 June, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden. - Apr 2, 2016