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designing against oppression

  1. Systemic oppression and systemic design

    Systemic oppression and systemic design

    Abstract: Álvaro Vieira Pinto, Paulo Freire, and Augusto Boal developed a systemic perspective on oppression based on Frantz Fanon. This perspective frames oppression as a contradiction that builds tension between different social groups. Systemic design can reproduce this contradiction unconsciously or let the oppressed see and recognize their oppressor. This short commentary pushes for a […] - Oct 4, 2022
  2. Design, Oppression, and Liberation

    Design, Oppression, and Liberation

    Van Amstel, F. M. C, Noel, L.-A., & Gonzatto, R. F. (2022). Design, Oppression, and Liberation. Diseña, (21), Intro. - Sep 13, 2022
  3. CFP Design, Oppression, and Liberation

    CFP Design, Oppression, and Liberation

    Special issue of Diseña #21 Guest editors: Frederick van Amstel | Federal University of Technology – Paraná Lesley-Ann Noel | North Carolina State University Rodrigo Gonzatto | Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  March 30 April 6, 2022 (extended deadline) Expected publication date: August 2022 Design research and practice are responsible for articulating and materializing structural oppression […] - Nov 15, 2021