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  1. O Globo iPad App (2011)

    O Globo iPad App (2011)

    O Globo, a major newspaper in Brazil, wanted to test their new iPad app to check if it was doing good on usability. We suggested doing a benchmark against two other competitors and executing the tests not in usability laboratories, but in real use contexts. We set up a mobile lab that could capture user’s […] - Nov 14, 2011
  2. Infinity I-Kitchen (2011)

    Infinity I-Kitchen (2011)

    Usability consultancy for the Infinity I-Kitchen project at Electrolux Latin America, the first touchscreen controlled fridge. The touchscreen panel offers a messages application, recipes, and photo slideshow. The project included heuristic evaluation, usability test, and emotional affect evaluation. - Jul 22, 2011
  3. Customer necessity is the mother of invention

    Customer necessity is the mother of invention

    The first thing to do when starting a project is defining its goals. Sometimes, the goal can be broken down in sub-goals, but one of them must prevail and, generally, this goal accounts for company needs, not customer needs. For example, the overused goal “increase customer loyalty” emerges from the company need of retaining current […] - Jul 7, 2010