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Interaction Design Practice

Regular course – 30 hours – post-graduate program in Web Development – UEM.

This course is a Design introduction for programmers. Design is presented in a practical manner in order to show how it´s methods can help the team collaborate to achieve the best Web user experience. Each student group had to create a Web 2.0 service and sell their idea to other groups using only paper, pen and postits. The problem was that the other group had to sell their own idea too, so they wouldn’t want to give up their idea to buy another. If they couldn’t sell or buy an idea, they could not go to the next step in the project. This showed them the need to be concise and persuasive when presenting their ideas and the relevance of business models for new technology.

After the “marketplace of ideas”, they designed the winner projects using online tools such as:

  • Mindmeister for brainstorming concept maps
  • Google Docs for surveys
  • WebSort for card-sorting
  • Writemaps for sitegrams
  • Mockingbird for wireframes
  • Sumo Paint for layout

Students works are published in the course blog.

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