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experience design

  1. Designing Experiences for Personal Transformations

    Designing experiences is an uncontrolled, experimental, exploratory, and ethical process which can lead to personal transformations. This lecture presents the types of experiences which can transform someone’s life, how this transformation may happen and key principles for designing them. Download Designing Experiences for Personal Transformations lecture [MP3] - May 10, 2019
  2. Experience Design lecture

    Experience Design lecture

    In this lecture at UTFPR, I explain the origins of Experience Design and discuss the concept of experience from a cultural-historical perspective. I also present four design approaches: linear, a-mazing, theatrical, and total. These approaches do not apply solely to digital channels, in fact, all of them emphasize to consider spaces, activities and things equally. […] - Apr 2, 2019
  3. Tangible Experience Model

    Tangible Experience Model

    The Experience Map is an abstract representation which might not be understood by stakeholders who are responsible for shaping that experience. Since their participation is essential to stage the experience, I developed a Tangible Experience Model with uses Lego pieces to represent the relationships between people, things, spaces, and activities. Since the model’s meaning relies […] - Nov 4, 2018
  4. Expanding the design object

    Expanding the design object

    In the first lecture of my Design Thinking course, I gave a historical perspective on the evolution of the design object. According to my thesis work, the object of design expanded in the last century from complex entities to emergent performances, such as experiences, interactions and business. The characteristics of this object are: It includes the user behavior, as […] - Sep 16, 2016