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Organization change at a major hospital

Clinics Hospital of Paraná had problems to coordinate the work of the surgery unit, materials unit and the surgery center. The patients were already suffering from the bad effects of their political fights. I was called to conduct a pilot study if my design games could help overcome the struggle. The hospital was undergoing a major organization change to prevent corruption and mismanagement.

The Expansive Hospital was called in. It performed great in exposing the contradictions of the hospital administrative work: it needed to be planned as well as flexible enough to cope with emergencies.


The issues raised in the game debriefing session were addressed in specific follow-up game workshops. I created custom-tailored games for their issues: Planning Squid, Priority Radar, Empathy Map, Data Fiddling and Scenario Darts. The games were successful in helping the teams to work together again, despite their differences. A range of new process and tools were created during the game workshops to deal with conflicts in the everyday work. This intervention was a major step in the organizational change process, which was previously stuck by the conflicts.


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