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Business model design innovation

This research develops a method for assessing the business potential of mobility innovations that are arising within and outside of Bosch, in an attempt to contribute to its Open Innovation effort. This will allow to discover innovations that have not yet been considered as such, to identify solutions that may generate value, to discover sustainability niches, to develop well-defined value proposals, to validate value propositions and, finally, to support the current business modelling practice. The method will be developed from the combination of design thinking, lean startup and open innovation recommended practices found in literature and in the Vale do Pinhão ecosystem. This research is expected to contribute with identifying the incompatibilities between these approaches, as well as developing a hybrid approach capable of making innovation into business in a creative, engaging, and effective way.

Fact sheet

  • Research partnership between UTFPR, Araucaria Foundation and Bosch Brazil
  • 1 undergraduate student scholarship
  • Period 06/01/2020 – 06/01/2021

Categories: Research Projects.

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