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Open innovation ecosystem development

This research aims at articulating the participation of Bosch in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Curitiba city, Vale do Pinhão. Firstly, the current connections and partnerships with startups will be mapped, in particular, the Curitiba Connectory initiative. Second, these relationships will be evaluated based on the Open Innovation practices carried out by other actors of similar size within “Vale do Pinhão”, as well as the practices described by the literature. The critical evaluation of the actions carried out will serve as a basis to build an appropriate articulation strategy for this ecosystem. The strategy will be developed in 5 stages: 1) Analysis of the relationships that already generate value; 2) Mapping actors that are already related and those that are not yet related to Bosch in the ecosystem; 3) Elaboration of value proposals for strategic actors; 4) Prospecting for new relationships based on the Open Innovation paradigm; 5) Organization of meetings with strategic actors to articulate the new relationships. This project is expected to consolidate Bosch’s positioning and knowledge sharing strategy in the Vale do Pinhão ecosystem. The action research will culminate in a set of recommendations for the articulation innovation ecosystems.

Curitiba Connectory

Fact sheet

  • Research partnership between UTFPR, Araucaria Foundation and Bosch Brazil
  • 1 undergraduate student scholarship
  • Period 06/01/2020 – 06/01/2021

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