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Enigmatron (2016)

Enigmatron is an analog synthesizer designed by Diogo Mattana to explore the subtleties of musical sound. The synthesizer is based on a tape potentiometer that modulates the digital sound according to the wishes of the musician. In the context of a Digital Design bachelor, this final work is not just a functional prototype, but also a critical stance towards the digitalization of music and its inherent loss of quality. It is an interesting example of critical making in Digital Design.

The project grew from the student complaints of digital signals. He loved analog instruments but missed the advantages of configuration offered by digital instruments. Enigmatron is an analog synthesizer that can play and distort signals that have a digital origin.

The main interface was provided by a ribbon potentiometer. The musician slides the finger to modulate the digital signal.

Various prototypes were built before the final version, including a digital mockup.

Categories: Student work.

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