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  1. Creativity


    30 hours – Graphic Design — UTFPR The course is based on two theories: Cultural-Historical Theory of Creativity (Vygotsky) and Socio-Spatial Theory of Creativity (Lefebvre). These are presented in the following videos. Students are at their first semester, still realizing what they have gotten into. The course aims at exciting them with the creative possibilities […] - Mar 28, 2020
  2. Senses: Escape the Maze

    Senses: Escape the Maze

    Senses is a co-op iPhone game for two players in just one device: one plays with the headphones on and eyes closed, while the other plays with the touchscreen. Players receive complimentary and exclusive information that they need to interpret together in order to survive the maze threats. This app was developed by students from […] - Jun 11, 2018