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Writing for the Web

Regular discipline – 60 hours – Undergrad Course on Web Design – Opet

The Web Design Course at this University was considered a Communication Course, so this discipline was fundamental to them. The first discussion was about linguistic bias against people that didn’t have concluded their basic studies. In Brazil, there are many people that can speak portuguese very well, but cannot read or write with proficiency. If do you want to communicate with a broad audience, you have to use other means more than words. Communication happens not only at the syntactic level, but mostly at the semantic and pragmatic levels, so as communicators, they had to learn how to communicate even though people cannot understand the wording. The first assignment was to design an advertising poster presenting a new morning-after pills aimed at young girls. It was a difficult task because women sexual freedom is not explicitly accepted in Brazil, mainly because of the christian-catholic tradition. The poster bellow says: “Moms team can wait for you.”

The other project was a professional blog, experimenting with many text formats: argumentative, informative, podcast. Their blogs can be seen here.

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