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Tango DDR

In my Interaction Design Foundations course, I explain to students that tangible interfaces are becoming widespread because they explore the human body as an input device. This makes the interaction more sociable and affective. In one class, I brought a Dance Dance Revolution pad for our students to experiment with and they took it to the next level.
Guilherme was shy to play, but accepted to participate in a bodystorming: I wanted to know what would happen if the position of the pad improved embodiment of the game. We put the pad in his shoulder and started to play.

The feeling of the game changed totally. Instead of executing mechanic movements in front of a screen, we´ve got an affective human interaction.

During the bodystorming, many ideas emerged how to hack the pad and use in clothes or garments, enabling more intimate dance, like Touch Tango DDR.

Alexandre proposed to make a fight game using the same interface. There is already a Mugen game tha explore the same gameplay of DDR:

This is the video of the bodystorming session.

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