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Flood protection area planning (2015)

Grebbedijk is a flood protection complex around Wageningen and Utrecht, The Netherlands. The stakeholders are considering adding extra functions to the area in order to generate more economic activity and nature-oriented leisure. The project is facing dilemmas because the available strategies present both advantageous and disadvantageous effects. For example, enlarging the harbor is deemed to improve economic activity but also to decrease environmental preservation.

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I assisted Julieta Matos-Castaño in designing a collaborative low-tech visualization for the project’s dilemmas. At the top of a cube the strategies are laid upon and the achievements at the bottom. Green and red lines represent the positive and negative effects of strategies over achievements. If a strategy has both of them, this is related to a planning dilemma the stakeholders must figure out.

Cube scheme2
Dillema cube anon2
Cube manipulation
Cube information density


Castaño, J. M., van Amstel, F., Hartmann, T., & Dewulf, G. (2017). Making dilemmas explicit through the use of a cognitive mapping collaboration tool. Futures, 87, p. 37–49.

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