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Strategic Planning for Hotmilk (2017)

Hotmilk is an innovation hub inside the Catholic University of Parana which connects the University to the industry. In 2017, a new director was appointed to PUC Agency (its former name) and one of his first acts was to organize a participatory strategic planning session. I facilitated the session and helped to compile the results into a coherent strategic plan. The planning session lasted for one day and included 66 employees from various departments. We used Gamestorming and Lego Serious Play to devise a new strategic plan for the unit, which included the definition of its mission statement, corporate values, stakeholders, vision, and working model.

The plan resulted in a total renovation of the innovation hub. The brand changed to Hotmilk, the hub was relocated to the campus, and new programs and partnerships were developed. As of 2020, Hotmilk became a major player in the regional innovation ecosystem.

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