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UTFPR Curitiba master plan (2022-ongoing)

UTFPR Curitiba formed its first Campus Master Plan Committee in 2022 to plan its future spatial developments. The campus has three localities.

Seeking for broader adoption, the committee adopted a participatory design approach. The entire university community will be invited to collaborate in the planning process through various activities and methodologies. The goal is to grasp the academic spaces’ social, environmental, and demographic characteristics and, from that understanding, speculate three future spatial development scenarios.

Frederick van Amstel is part of the Campus Master Plan Committee, with special duties on designing facilitation strategies for the participatory workshops.

Graphic Listening

In the first public meeting, the committee invited the participants to ask questions about the plan, which were all mapped into a mind map in realtime.

Lego Serious Play

The committee is experimenting with Lego Serious Play as a creative approach to invite the academic community into the planning activities. The What the Duck game series played in November 2022 discussed the impact of governance models in the production of design space. The democratic model was considered the most effective to meet diverse needs and still provide some room for creativity.

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