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Designing Metaobjects for Collaboration, Participation and Debate

This research theoretically develops and empirically tests the concept of metaobject in design projects with special needs for collaboration, participation, or debate. Metaobjects are objects that represent and support the design of new objects in metadesign processes, such as a sketch, a model, or a prototype. In design projects, metaobjects must represent multiple perspectives and allow the connection between disparate knowledge. Although there are numerous studies on how designers employ metaobjects in their practice (not necessarily by this name), there are few studies on how designers create new metaobjects. This research project is expected to operationalize the metaobject concept to the point that it can be used as a common concept for design practice. In addition to this conceptual result, the project is expected to produce a series of examples that will serve to inspire and guide the creation of other metaobjects.

Fact sheet

  • Undergraduate research project from UTFPR
  • 2019-2020
  • 4 design students involved so far

Categories: Research Projects.

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