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design of the oppressed

  1. Design, Oppression, and Liberation

    Design, Oppression, and Liberation

    Van Amstel, F. M., Noel, L.-A., & Gonzatto, R. F. (2022). Design, Oppression, and Liberation. Diseña, (21), Intro. - Sep 13, 2022
  2. Laboratory of Design against Oppression (LADO)

    Laboratory of Design against Oppression (LADO)

    The Laboratory of Design Against Oppressions (LADO) is an open, horizontal space for critical education, scientific research, and transformative action at UTFPR. Attentive to the objectives of student involvement and participation in university outreach, LADO is organized through self-management, including collective decision-making and distribution of power among the several working groups created to coordinate each of […] - Aug 11, 2022
  3. Designs of the Oppressed

    Designs of the Oppressed

    Designs of the Oppressed was a free online course offered by UTFPR, in partnership with the Design & Oppression network and Andifes, which launched the International Virtual Mobility Program “Destination Brazil” in 2021 with the purpose of strengthening Brazilian universities’ international reach. The course run from 15/07/2021 – 26/08/2021. The course shares the accumulated experience of the […] - Aug 26, 2021