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The coloniality of making and its resistance in Brazil

Audio lecture recorded for the online Designs of the Oppressed (2022) course.

Summary: The coloniality of making refers to international relations of production that overvalue intellectual labor in developed countries and undervalue manual labor in underdeveloped countries. Design discipline plays a crucial role in maintaining the coloniality of making, establishing hierarchies between modes of designing existence in the world. The colonized populations’ ways of designing are considered bad, incomplete, picturesque, manual, or making without design. On the other hand, the colonial and imperialist way is considered good, innovative, intellectual, or a design without making. The work of Rogério Duarte, a Brazilian graphic designer, is presented as an example of someone who resisted the coloniality of making. Duarte sought an industrial design focused on use, need, and authenticity. Hence, he combined industrial with popular forms of culture in his designs.

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