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Taking a side: critical formation and outreaching practice in Laboratory of Design against Oppression (LADO)

Bizotto dos Santos, W., Mazzarotto, M., & Van Amstel, F. (2024). Tomando um LADO: formação crítica e prática de liberdade no Laboratório de Design contra Opressões. Arcos Design17(1), 143–175.

Abstract: Understanding project as a problem-solving activity may obscure
its existential dimension, which includes its political, cultural, and historical
interests. Denying this dimension in design education leads to a seemingly
neutral praxis, but in essence, linked to the interests of dominant social groups.
This research presents the dialectical-existential perspective on design projects
developed by Álvaro Vieira Pinto and Paulo Freire to support the extensionist
praxis of the Laboratory of Design against Oppression (LADO) at UTFPR. This
praxis´ description reveals paths to experience freedom in the field of design
as a collective practice of communication and dialogue between the university
and social movements.

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