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Speculative rhythmanalysis

Rhythmanalysis is a method developed by Henri Lefebvre and Catherine Regulier to grasp the rhythms of everyday life in urban space through an embodied and historicized approach. The researcher basically uses her/his/their body to feel, sense, and join the rhythm while developing critical consciousness of its historical origins. Speculative Rhythmanalysis is a derived method that heads towards a progressive view of history, speculating on possible situations that do not exist yet but are very likely to exist if the underlying contradictions increase their tension.

This method has been developed for a book chapter that speculates on the future of the hyperconnected city. The chapter includes a design fiction on the privatization of public space, personal artificial intelligent agents, and the future of work.


Firmino, R; Van Amstel, F.M.C; Gonzatto, R. F. (2018). Every breath you take: Captured movements in the hyperconnected city. In: Christoph Lindner and Miriam Meissner, The Routledge Companion to Urban Imaginaries. Routledge, London. DOI:

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