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Design Livre: designing locally, cannibalizing globally

Van Amstel, Frederick M.C., and Rodrigo Freese Gonzatto. (2016) “Design Livre: designing locally, cannibalizing globally.” XRDS: Crossroads, The ACM Magazine for Students, 22(4), p.46-50.

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Design livre is a conversation among Brazilian people interested in recognizing the design made by everybody with the intention of scaling up scattered design efforts. Design livre approaches the matter from a cultural standpoint, positioning design as key activity for resisting the globalization of culture in Brazil. The globalized as much as the localized design knowledge are cannibalized, digested, catalyzed, and brought to action. This conversation recovers topics raised by the century-old Brazilian modernism, which contended radical appropriation of foreign ideas, inspired by the Brazilian native people who ate the first colonizers.

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