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Organizational Learning in Open Innovation Ecossystems

Open Innovation inspires big companies to participate in entrepreneurial ecosystems, in the hope of promoting valuable organizational learning. Individual employees can learn together with individual entrepreneurs who are struggling to find a working business model, however, this learning might not be absorbed by the company. One of the reasons for that is the lack of studies on entrepreneurial learning, despite this being considered the only guaranteed result from investing in startups. This research studies how Copel, a major utility company from Brazil, learns from interacting with entrepreneurs in an Open Innovation platform. Copel platform is based on a set of living lab experiments that cocreate, codesign and coexecute startup accelerator programs targeted at the energy sector. The overarching goal of the experiments is to try out different combinations of incentives, processes, infrastructures, policies, and technologies to interact with startups. The experiment results will be compared to generate a set of recommendations for Copel’s Open Innovation strategy.

Fact sheet

Duration: 2018-2020
Funding: R$3.6 million (approximately 1 million US dollars) from Copel, using P&D Aneel tax regulation, grant number PD–2866-0496/2018
Consortium: PUCPR and Sistema FIEP
Participating members: 5 professors, 2 PhD students, 2 master students, 12 staff
Main result: 264 energy innovation projects
My role: grant proposal writer, principal investigator, project manager, and platform designer
Design approach: a continuous participatory innovation process
Main output: Copel+ platform


Categories: Research Projects.

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