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  1. Crisis Deck (2022-2023)

    Crisis Deck (2022-2023)

    From the outset of their design education at UTFPR, Alanis Louise de Mello Zukowski and Maria Vitória Ribeiro Kosake were struck by a disconnect between their aspirations and the education they received. The design curriculum seemed narrowly focused on technical skills and market demands, leaving little room for critical reflection or social engagement. As they […] - May 9, 2024
  2. Conscious design for a women shelter (2023)

    Conscious design for a women shelter (2023)

    Camila Kutiski heard from a friend about a shelter service for victims of domestic violence in her neighborhood. She visited the non-profit running the service and decided to support the people involved with her Graphic Design final work at UTFPR. The first thing she did was to understand the existing design activities in the non-profit. […] - Feb 24, 2024
  3. Iguaçú III community center (2022)

    Iguaçú III community center (2022)

    Uniperifa collective joined Laboratory of Design against Oppression students to plan community actions in Condomínio Iguaçu III. This slum-upgrade urban project relocated people near the city center to the city outskirts, leaving people disconnected from the city and having little sense of community. We identified several sustainability issues that required increasing this sense of community, […] - Dec 13, 2022
  4. Service integration for suicide prevention (2022)

    Service integration for suicide prevention (2022)

    Service integration for suicide prevention is the final work of Barbra Eliza da Silva in her Graphic Design degree at UTFPR. Barbra heard from some friends who work in mental health services that the number of suicide attempts was skyrocketing in Curitiba. She decided to put her final work to help. The project aimed at facilitating […] - Dec 7, 2022
  5. SURU'BA (2022)

    SURU’BA (2022)

    SURU’BA (“good thing” in Tupi and “orgy” in Portuguese) is the final work of João Conrado Dembiski and João Victor Tarran in their Bachelor in Design at UTFPR. Inspired by anarchist and decolonial thinking, the duo designed a modular open-source furniture system that could be cheaply produced in Curitiba, the locality of their studies. Their […] - Jul 30, 2022
  6. Designers as cultural producers (2022)

    Designers as cultural producers (2022)

    Polyana de Andrade Tavares, a graphic design student at LADO, embarked on a profound journey of collective conscientization that transformed her understanding of her role as a cultural producer. Her final work reflects on this transformative process through an autoethnographic lens, weaving together personal experiences and broader socio-cultural contexts. Initially, Polyana approached her study with […] - Jun 1, 2022
  7. Shared Management Handbook (2021)

    Shared Management Handbook (2021)

    Shared Management Handbook is the final work of Luciane Hulyk to obtain her Graphic Design degree at UTFPR. The book was collaboratively written and participatory designed with the Mandala Network, a collective of local artisans who wanted to share their experience with self-management and solidarity economy. The book reads like a manual for those who […] - Jan 8, 2022
  8. Conscious Periphery COVID-19 communication (2020)

    Conscious Periphery COVID-19 communication (2020)

    Conscious Periphery is an emergency outreach activity funded by UTFPR to fight misinformation about the COVID-19 in vulnerable communities around the university. To reach this aim, the students involved in the activity will collaborate with community leaders to find the right tune as well as with healthcare professionals to deliver the correct information. The messages […] - Apr 9, 2020
  9. Manifesto Design Dissenso (2019)

    Manifesto Design Dissenso (2019)

    The Manifesto Design Dissenso is writen by the Design for Social Innovation class of 2019 at UTFPR. Students decided to write it after looking critically at their technical education and the lack of political perspectives. The manifesto was written and designed using several collaborative tools, such as clay, textiles, and Google Docs across several weeks […] - Nov 8, 2019
  10. Women Coffee Worker Coalition (2019-)

    Women Coffee Worker Coalition (2019-)

    Women Coffee Worker Coalition is the final work of Rafaella Peres Eleuterio to obtain her Bachelor degree in Design at UTFPR. Rafaella had some relatives who worked on the coffee fields of Northern Paraná but she never engaged directly with this production. After seeing the coffee packages which sold their produce in the city, she […] - Oct 9, 2019