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  1. Decolonizing Design Research towards the Pluriverse

    Decolonizing Design Research towards the Pluriverse

    Keynote, VIII Sustainable Design Symposium, UFPR, 2021. Abstract: Design research has historical roots in the modernity project, which violently subsumes non-modern diverse cultures into colonized monocultures. Design research is also well-grounded in the development discourse that justifies unequal exchanges between nations, institutions, and communities. However, design research is also a realm of dispute where critical […] - Apr 13, 2022
  2. Sustainable design

    Sustainable design

    Sustainable design (Design Theory 4) is a regular 30-hour course from the Design bachelor at UTFPR. My approach for this class was to avoid discussing sustainability as a technical issue and rather to deal with the political challenges of sustainability, the crisis of modernity, and the Anthropocene, in a similar way it was done in […] - Jun 11, 2019
  3. Open Design and weapons of mass destruction

    Open Design and weapons of mass destruction

    Yesterday I went to the Open Design Now book launch in Amsterdam. People were so excited with the possibilities of openness, that few mentioned potential drawbacks of it. The only potential drawback discussed there was about the possibilities of not making money from it. It’s true that Open Design doesn’t have clear business models right […] - Jun 9, 2011