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The role of games in developing transformative agency

Van Amstel, Frederick M.C. (2021). The role of games in developing transformative agency. Brazilian Journal of Socio-Historical-Cultural Research and Activity, 3(2).

Abstract: Games can be seen as sign systems that reproduce cultural values similar to what books, movies and computers do to social reality, even if in the realm of imagination. However, when considering games’ historical role in putting different motives into conflict, these can also be considered as systems of reality transformation. The practice of overcoming such conflicts leads to the development of transformative agency, that is, the ability to act collectively to transform reality. This research describes and analyzes how games contribute to the development of transformative agency in education, work and design activities. Contemporary applications of games such as educational games, simulations, gamification, and design games are discussed in relation to the possibility of transforming realities with conflicts of motives.

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