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Lego Physical Oxymoron (LEPOX)

LEPOX challenges the participants to collaboratively identify and materialize a contradiction using Lego pieces. This game is inspired by the LEGO Serious Play ® method, which relies upon physical metaphors for improving team communication.

The participants are invited to make a model of what they perceive to be a contradiction in terms — a physical oxymoron — that represents the complex situation preventing the organization from solving problems with the current organizational knowledge available. A physical oxymoron is an object that displays a contradiction that prompts people to change their behavior. A classic example is an ashtray with a do not smoke sign.

The final step of the game involves recording a smartphone video with the participants explaining what the physical oxymoron means. The explanation, as well as the picture of the oxymoron, serve as a working definition for the contradiction. In this way, they play the role of germ cell models.

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