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Value Voting

This method uses the marvelous PIRC’s Values Deck to visualize the priorities of a group, project, or organization. The method is rather simple: gathering together the people involved to vote on the human values they want to collective produce. Each card represents a human value, such as sustainability, creativity, wealth, and so on. They are laid down on a table to realize the variety of options available.

The iconic graphic design of Genís Carreras makes a huge difference by bringing a synthetic expression of complex concepts. This speeds up understanding and decision-making.

The method proceeds by asking the participants to vote by putting a number of tokens on top of the chosen cards. I usually provide 3 to 5 Lego pieces as token votes.

At the end, the results are easily visualized and handled around on the table. The cards are typically arranged in the voting order to reveal the collective priority list.

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