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When Is the Pluriverse?

Udoewa, V., Gutiérrez Borrero, A., Noel, L., Ruiz, A., Borchway, N.K., Lodaya, A.,and VAN AMSTEL, F.M.(2023) When Is the Pluriverse?, in Derek Jones, Naz Borekci, Violeta Clemente, James Corazzo, Nicole Lotz, Liv Merete Nielsen, Lesley-Ann Noel (eds.), The 7th International Conference for Design Education Researchers, 29 November – 1 December 2023, London, United Kingdom.

Midjourney generated image of the pluriverse
Midjourney v.6 generated variation image. Prompt: indigenous people of diverse nations, a giant bubble with many bubbles inside lying in infinite space, each bubble is a planet with colorful creatures inside. The sun is shining through all these bubbles. Latin American indigenous painting style.

Abstract: Currently design is in the midst of several potential upheavals including the postcolonial, decolonial, ontological, and pluriversal turns. This conversation among design educators explores these turns under the inclusive umbrella of  pluriversal design by focusing specifically on the temporality of the pluriverse in design education. By engaging in communal sensing, living in a world of many worlds, we relationally engage and question whether  pluriversal design is a struggle for emergence, a past history, a possible future, a current reality, some combination, or something else entirely for design education? The reason we find this question important is because it determines what we do today, as design educators across many worlds. If the pluriverse is truly a future experience that we do not have today, we want to know what we need to do today to aid its arrival in design education. We engaged in an asynchronously written conversation in which Victor Udoewa, served as a facilitator and complicator of a conversation between design educators Adolfo Ruiz, Alfredo Gutierrez Borrero, Arvind Lodaya, Frederick van Amstel, Lesley-Ann Noel, and Nii Botchway.

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