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Latin American Service Design

This is not a presentation about the best Service Design projects in Latin America. It is more like an attempt to rethink Service Design from a Latin American perspective, bringing to the fore the contradictions that are behind design problems and that are usually overlooked. In this guest talk, part of CIID‘s Service Design class of 2019/2020, the contradiction of oppression is uncovered, with the ethical implications posed to service designers. This perspective builds upon the Latin American tradition of critical thinking (Freire, Boal, Fals Borda, Martín-Barbero, Fanon, Vieira Pinto, Escobar, Gutiérrez Borrero, Bonsiepe, Dussel, Cusicanqui, Flusser, and others), in contrast to dominant US and European Service Design schools of thought and practice. Latin American Service Design asks the hard questions typically avoided or ignored by US and European Service Design.

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