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Oppression reaction diagram

Reaction to computer-mediated oppression can be rehearsed in a Theater of the Techno-Oppressed session. When using the image theater technique, it is possible to capture every attempt to react to oppression and compare their efficacy in still photos. In addition to the spect-actors who stage the play, two persons are required: a photographer and a note-taker. After the play, they compile the information collected in a flow diagram that displays the sequence of pictures and notes describing what is happening in each reaction. The flow diagram represents the aesthetic design space produced during the session.


Rodrigo Freese Gonzatto and Frederick M. C. van Amstel. 2017. Designing oppressive and libertarian interactions with the conscious body. In Proceedings of the XVI Brazilian Symposium on Human Factors in Computing Systems(IHC 2017). ACM, New York, NY, USA, Article 22, 10 pages. DOI:

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