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Designing against oppression

This talk presents the activity of the Design & Oppression, woven by design professors, students, and professionals from all over Brazil from the perspective of one of its cofounders. The network discussed and experimented with several ways of recognizing how design reproduces oppression in our society. As of late 2021, the network is interested in design by the oppressed for the oppressed with eventual allies, against all forms of oppression.

This talk was delivered at the Critical Design Roundtable hosted by the StudioLab at Cornell University, next to Pluriversal Design SIG and Design Justice Network talks.





Van Amstel, Frederick; Batista e Silva, Sâmia; Serpa, Bibiana Oliveira; Mazzarotto, Marco; Carvalho, Ricardo Artur; Gonzatto; Rodrigo Freese. (in press). Insurgent design coalitions: the history of the Design & Oppression network. Proceedings of the II PIVOT 2021 Virtual Conference. Design Research Society. – Jul 28, 2021. Preprint here.

Designs of the Oppressed open educational resources.

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