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Human Computer Interaction

Course taught at the Graduate Program in Informatics PPGIA/PUCPR (Masters/PhD level).

This course introduces Human Computer Interaction as a field for interdisciplinary research related to Computing. The main concern of this field is the behavior of humans when interacting with the computer and when interacting with other humans through the computer. Issues such as usability, accessibility, communication, design and art are considered in Human Computer Interaction with the assistance from Social Science theory. The practical contribution of this field is a foundation for the analysis and design of user interfaces.

Teaching method: Each class focuses on three to four related topicsĀ in HCI. Students are required to read two to three papers to prepare for the class. The class is divided in three moments:

  1. Discussion of the papers;
  2. Lecture about practical implications of the paper topics;
  3. Practical exercises related to the lecture.

Evaluation: Students will be evaluated by their participation in class discussion and exercises (30%) and by an assignment (70%). The assignment consists of creating a new way to interact with the computer inspired or guided by the student research. The interaction should be described by an essay and demonstrated in a video uploaded to Youtube. Examples of demo videos can be found in the History of HCI playlist and in a video tutorial (Portuguese).

Duration: 8 classes with 4 hours each


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